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Travel Tips for Yangshuo

The Balcony

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Just a quick pop of the head inside this place tells you that The Balcony is not your typical Yangshuo hippie-trail restaurant. The music -- usually a light trip-hop / acid jazz / reggae blend --...

Destinations: Yangshuo

Drifters Cafe

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Drifters is one of West Streets better Cafes, famous for its good lasagna and excellent apple crumble. The artwork on the wall is worth a look as well, and recently-dumped women might appreciate the...

Destinations: Yangshuo

Minnie Mao's Cafe

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Serves the best salads & soups in Yangshuo. Milk shakes are good, as is pretty much everything else. An original slacker hangout in Yangshuo.

Destinations: Yangshuo

Bellevue Cafe and Restaurant

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If you're looking for a place to get away from the backpacking riff-raff, the Bellevue is the place for you. The prices, while not that much higher than the cafes on west street, seem to be just...

Destinations: Yangshuo
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