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Fallen in Love with Delhi

Derek G - derekg [50]

This was our first time in India.    With Dhruv,leading the way, we had so much fun walking the streets of the Old Delhi Bazaar, meeting shopkeepers, sampling delicious street food...

Destinations: India
Topics: Travel | Festivals | Women & Travel | Traditions | Culture | Food | People | Photography | Religion | Shopping | For Kids | Ancient History | Architecture

The Mountain Trails

Nandini Raybaruah - nandini_rb [150]

Part I – Embarking on an unfamiliar territory…  Adventure really did not begin at the crack of dawn. I was unsure.  This would be the first time in four years I’d be on my...

Destinations: Himalayas
Topics: Travel | Women & Travel

The Mountain Trails

Nandini Raybaruah - nandini_rb [150]

Part IV – And we move on…   So right after a heavy breakfast consisting of Tibetan breads and mashed potatoes with eggs, well I hated to fill up myself so early in the morning but...

Destinations: Himalayas
Topics: Travel | Women & Travel
Street Guides, Ajay and Tabrez

Streetwise Sweetness

Dianne Sharma-Winter - dibundyontour [808]

If you liked the movie Slumdog Millionaire or remember Mira Nair's film, Salaam Mumbai, this Walking Tour of Delhi is a real life, sensitive look into the life and times of New Delhi's street kids.

Destinations: India | New Delhi
Topics: Culture | People | Women & Travel | Ecotourism
Elephants on the way

Elephants on the way

Letha Jose - lethajose [470]

Elephants on the way

Destinations: India
Topics: Travel | National Parks | Adventure | Women & Travel | Animals | Traditions | Ecotourism | Culture | People | Photography | Working Abroad | Beaches & Resorts | Agriculture | Nature | For Kids
Anjai Mahadev,    Manali   INDIA


Dianne Sharma-Winter - dibundyontour [808]

The way is marked by red flags fluttering along the two kilometre walk. In the early light of evening with monsoon clouds obscuring the moon; we follow the sure feet of our local guide in single file.

Destinations: India | Himachal Pradesh
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Festivals | Religion | Women & Travel | Traditions
Sunderbans Sunset

Kingdom of Tides

Dianne Sharma-Winter - dibundyontour [808]

The muffled thrum of the boat is the only sound in the mist coated forests of one of the world's largest estuarine deltas. The mangrove forest of the Sunderbans forest breathes in an out in drips.

Destinations: India | Calcutta (Kolkata)
Topics: Travel | National Parks | Adventure | Women & Travel | Animals | Nature | Ecotourism

Mandalay's Hopes and Sorrows

Sara Hui - sarahui [50]

Remembering a peaceful and cheerful Myanmar before the devastating cyclone

Destinations: United Arab Emirates | Malaysia | Burma | Indonesia | Singapore | Hong Kong | Korea, S | India | Sri Lanka | Maldives | China | Cambodia | Thailand | Japan
Topics: Travel | Women & Travel | Working Abroad

Eyebrow Threading

Sameera Mody - sameera [110]

Sameera, of California's Sameera Threading and Beauty Care Spa explains what eyebrow threading is and its benefits...

Destinations: India
Topics: Culture | Women & Travel | Fashion | 20th Century History | Traditions

Shopping for C Cups In SE Asia

Dianne Sharma-Winter - dibundy [261]

It is not until you shop for underwear in Asia that you become aware of the differences in body types between the good old kiwi lass raised on meat and three veg, hardy puddings and force fed milk at...

Destinations: Thailand | New Delhi
Topics: Women & Travel | Fashion | Shopping
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