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Stories about Women & Travel in Afghanistan

The Mountain Trails

Nandini Raybaruah - nandini_rb [150]

Part I – Embarking on an unfamiliar territory…  Adventure really did not begin at the crack of dawn. I was unsure.  This would be the first time in four years I’d be on my...

Destinations: Himalayas
Topics: Travel | Women & Travel

The Mountain Trails

Nandini Raybaruah - nandini_rb [150]

Part IV – And we move on…   So right after a heavy breakfast consisting of Tibetan breads and mashed potatoes with eggs, well I hated to fill up myself so early in the morning but...

Destinations: Himalayas
Topics: Travel | Women & Travel
Mural for the Oasis Salon in Kabul.

Empowering Afghanistan's Women One Haircut at a Time

Jennifer Huber - QKGirl [103]

Hope exists in war-torn Kabul, Afghanistan. American Deborah Rodriguez oversees the Kabul Beauty School and Oasis Salon in efforts to educate and empower a handful of Afghanistan's women one haircut at a time.

Destinations: Kabul | Afghanistan
Topics: People | Women & Travel

Afghan Hospitality

Susan Hall - susanhall [75]

While in Kabul, Afghanistan a friend Ellen and I frequently walked around the Demazang District neighborhood where our guesthouse was located. One afternoon as we paused to photograph a small boy...

Destinations: Afghanistan
Topics: Travel | Photography | People | Women & Travel
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