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Rail Cruise Tour in South Korea ThingsAsian: TravelTip Icon -- Tour Package

Top-Class Service by the Crew Attendants

Top-Class Service by the Crew Attendants

Top-Class Service by the Crew Attendants Suite Room, the largest room in the Rail Cruise Food Court inside the Train, all you can eat The Ride across the peninsula

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Seoul South Korea






I had the pleasure to ride a rail cruise in South Korea. It was really neat & interesting experience.

There was a food court inside the train where the wines and other food & beverages are all you can eat.

The coolest part was during the 3days-2nights tour, you got to see and taste all the famous regions around the whole Korean peninsula in just one ride with comfort and style.

The bed in the room and looking outside the window with the whole scenery of the country with comfort was far too memoriable.

If you are adventurous enough to experience an Asian country called Korea from a Korean perspective, trying out there food and culture, I recommend the rail cruise tour.

You are up for an exceptional voyage.

Published on 5/16/11

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