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Top 3-Star Hotels In Da Nang, Vietnam ThingsAsian: TravelTip Icon -- Hotel & Lodging

Resorts In Da Nang, Vietnam

Resorts In Da Nang, Vietnam

Resorts In Da Nang, Vietnam

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Bamboo Green Riverside Hotel

Bamboo Green Riverside is a 3-star hotel in danang. The hotel has 32 rooms, a business center, banquet facilities, a restaurant and cafe, a massage area as well as a friendly and professional English-speaking staff.

Daesco Da Nang

The newly built Daesco Hotel invites travelers to relax and enjoy the best service in central Vietnam with traditional Vietnamese hospitality.

Danang Pacific Hotel

Pacific hotel is in the centre of Danang city. The hotel has 58 rooms with international standard.

Danang Riverside Hotel

The Danang Riverside is a modern hotel which is equipped with excellent facilities consistent with international standards of a three-star hotel.

Published on 2/20/11

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