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Dameisha & Xiaomeisha Beach ThingsAsian: TravelTip Icon -- Sightseeing


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Yantian district
Shenzhen, Guangzhou China


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These two beaches in the Yantian District are located just a few kilometers apart. Both have waves, clear blue water and yellow sand; the only difference between the two is that Dameisha is a public beach, while Xiaomeisha is a private beach with a RMB 20 admission price. The area around Xiaomeisha is fun to explore, with several interesting looking seafood restaurants and stores selling seaside knickknacks on the strip between the beach. Both beaches offer stands selling and renting various floatation devices & water toys in case you forget to bring your own, and both beaches have good surf in season.

Published on 11/16/04

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Easy Travel

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Contributor: hainantour [5] 12/26/07

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