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56 West Street
Yangshuo, Guangxi China


(Mobile) 13878272025




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Johnny Lu runs has perhaps one of the most extensive second hand western book collections found in China, with thousands of titles both at his restaurant and at his guest house. On his wall to wall, ceiling to floor shelves you'll find travel books, novels, fiction, non-fiction, bestsellers and varied obscura. Titles are not limited to English; Johnny has a fairly extensive section of books in Hebrew, French, and various European languages. Most importantly, Johnny is himself a voracious reader, able to suggest titles for readers of whatever tastes. Books are sold outright, or traded on a 2 for 1 basis (two will get you one, exceptions might be made depending on the title).

Published on 3/19/03

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Contributor: jbrown [10,407] 3/19/03

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books shown in photo a mere slice of those available

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