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Travel Tips for Taiwan

The Miele Guide: Asia's first truly independent restaurant guide - to be launched later in the year. Covers 16 Asian countries.

The Miele Guide

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The Miele Guide is an exciting, new and truly unique Asian restaurant guide. Published by Ate Media Pte. Ltd. (Ate Media) and sponsored by Miele, a German manufacturer of premium and innovative...

Destinations: Korea, N | Malaysia | Burma | Indonesia | Macau | Singapore | Brunei | Vietnam | Hong Kong | Korea, S | India | Sri Lanka | Taiwan | China | Cambodia | Laos | Thailand | Japan | Philippines
Topics: Food
Ay-Chung Noodle House

Ay-Chung Noodle House

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Start your day off at the Ay-Chung Noodle Shop in Ximending. There’s only one thing on the menu here, so ordering doesn’t get much easier than this. Ay-Chung’s is adept at providing service in 15...

Destinations: Taiwan
Topics: Food

Grandma Nitti's Kitchen

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Grandma Nitti's is more than a place to eat western food; it's a place to meet up, swap and buy books, find apartments, jobs, second hand laptops, cats, dogs & much more. An local expatriate...

Destinations: Taipei

J-Pop Cafe

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A strange, surreal place of monitors and glossy mirrors, located on the sixth and seventh floor of a large complex, the J-pop cafe is the sort of place we'd all be drinking in if the Japanese had won...

Destinations: Taipei

Shilin Night Market

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Over a century old, the Shilin night market is justly famous for both the quality, quantity, and authenticity of cuisine. And a meal at the market won?t actually give you a cholesterol level...

Destinations: Taipei

All Night Food Street

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The area around Fushing and Chunghsiao road is well known for its many bars and clubs. After partying the night away, hungry night owls with a hankering for after-hours cuisine know to head south on...

Destinations: Taipei
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