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Aupair in Taipei, Taiwan.

Simple Taiwan!

emily santos - emzanne [536]

There is always demand for aupairs in Taiwan and those with the right qualification are highly valued

Destinations: Taiwan | Tainan
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Festivals | Traditions | Ecotourism | Culture | Food | Economy | People | Fashion | Shopping

The Taiwanese Bakery

Ieuan Dolby - ieuandolby [1,974]

Bakeries are to me a place to get some fresh bread so that I may make my cheese sandwiches or have my marmalade on toast in the mornings. For this I require a nice looking, freshly made lump of matter...

Destinations: Taiwan | Taipei
Topics: Economy | Food | People | Shopping
Friends and families enjoy shopping and eating at the night market.

Taipei's Famous Night Markets

Dawn Stanton - dstanton [2,069]

No doubt about it, people in Taipei love night markets. The author shows you where to go, and more importantly, what to eat...

Destinations: Taiwan | Taipei
Topics: Shopping

A Late Night Visit to the Great Mall

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

Don't go sharpening up your keyboards ready to pounce on my editor for letting a glaring typo slip into the title. This isn't an article about a drunken late night jaunt along the longest man-made...

Destinations: Taiwan | Taipei
Topics: Shopping | Architecture
Shanghai Old Street, Shanghai, China.

Shopping Asia

ThingsAsian - ta [3,710]

Afghanistan Kabul shopping * * * China Death of a Beijing Flea Market A Geek's Guide to China * * * Hong Kong Hong Kong: Shop til you drop * * * India Bangalore Shopping The Bombay Bazaar A Guide to...

Destinations: Malaysia | Hanoi | Singapore | Vietnam | Hong Kong | New Delhi | India | Kuala Lumpur | Taiwan | China | Thailand | Beijing | Taipei | Bangkok
Topics: Shopping

To The Chinese, Jade Is The Elixir Of Life - The Stone Of Immortality

Habeeb Salloum - hsalloum [11,334]

The first time I was exposed to the fascinating world of jade on a large scale was in Malacca, Malaysia's historic city. As our group toured the Jade House Jewellers, I beheld jade sculptures and...

Destinations: Taiwan | China | Singapore | Beijing | Hong Kong | Taipei
Topics: Fashion | Art | Shopping | Traditions

An Unbelievable Experience: Shopping in Taichung

Richard Slowik - rslowik [491]

What a fabulous time! There are so many large and small shops throughout Taichung, Taiwan in which to buy everything from trivets to CDs, and all at bargain basement prices. I've never seen anything...

Destinations: Taichung | Taiwan
Topics: Travel | Shopping
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