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The T'nalak festival, South Cotabato, Philippines

Philippines, Mindanao, Koronadal City. T’nalak Festival

Philippines, Mindanao, Koronadal City. T’nalak Festival

Philippines, Mindanao, Koronadal City. T’nalak Festival Philippines, Mindanao, Koronadal City. T’nalak Festival Philippines, Mindanao, Koronadal City. T’nalak Festival Philippines, Mindanao, Koronadal City. T’nalak Festival

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  • Image © 2008 Ronald de Jong

If the Filipino people have a reason for a celebration they will end up having a fiesta. It is a well known fact that Filipinos love celebrations, this can be seen in the way they celebrate their festivals and fiesta's. Festivals in the Philippines are held throughout the country, these occaissions are celebrated with great intensity, passion and enthusiasm, with a a mixture of religion and culture. Every region, province and Citiy has different kinds of festivities and events. When visiting a fiesta one can experience the legendary Filipino hospitality and the vibrant nature of the Filipinos. There are many popular festivals in the Philippines like the Aliwan Festival. The Sinulog Festival, The Ati-atihan, Kadayawan Festival and many more. There is one festival however that is relatively not well-known, ......yet!

Get ready for the most exciting, popular and colorful festivals celebrated in South Cotabato on the island of Mindanao. The T'nalak Festival is named after a woven cloth created and woven by the women of the province's T'boli tribe, T'nalak is an indigenous team for a colourful way of weaving the abaca cloth.The abaca cloth is chosen as the festival icon and it symbolizes the blending of culture, strength and unity of the various ethnic groups living in the province.

The T'nalak festival is celebrated during the foundation anniversary of the province of South Cotabato, and is held in the month of July in the provincial capital of Koronadal City. This celebration kicks off with the Dayana Civic Parade highlighted by a float and cheer dance competition and closes with the T'nalak Parade or Madal Bel'. This colorful street dancing competition offers unique entertainment. Dancers from around the province, dressed in native costumes of B'laan, T'boli and other tribal groups in Mindanao, are performing on the streets of the city.

These competitions shows the rich and colorful heritage of the several minorities in this area and are just some of the activities to see in this event. They are also the spectacular highlights of the festival. The T'nalak parade is a perfomance that is a feast for the eyes, together with the sound of a pretty impressive tune that will keep you standing on your toes for a long time. The T'nalak festival puts together all the historical and spiritual culture of South Cotabato. It is a great event to see and a great way to see the Mindanao culture in action.. A visual expericience you will not want to miss, you can feel the unifying power of this celebration and the irrepressibly festive spirit of the participants and spectators.

More activities organised for the T'nalak festivities include cultural shows an agri-trade fair, bazaars, visits to various tourism attractions in the province. Concerts by local and national performers and a breath-taking fireworks display competition. with plenty in store to keep visitors entertained.

The City of Koronadal is the capital city of South Cotabato province and is also known by the name of Marbel. In this town many traces of the province's history are still present,. The people of Koronadal can be described as warm-hearted and friendly. A community that is willing to accept people from all backgrounds and origins. The people of Koronadal will welcome their visitors with a smile and are famous for their unique hospitality.


Published on 10/23/08

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