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Sichuan Noodle Salad

Recipe: Sichuan Noodle Salad

Habeeb Salloum - hsalloum [11,334]

Make it yourself: Sichuan Noodle Salad

Destinations: China | Sichuan
Topics: Food
The source of the epidemic is thought to be the civet cat. This animal was served in restaurants throughout the region both before and after the outbreak, although briefly taken off the menu when it was discovered to be a carrier of the disease.

SARS & Vinegar: The Untold Story of Mainland China

Adam Bray - kanzis_slave [1,557]

When news of the outbreak spread across the globe, foreign tourists, expats and journalists fled Hong Kong and the mainland. With few outsiders remaining in rural China, little news of the epidemic...

Destinations: Yunnan | China | Lijiang River | Sichuan | Chengdu
Topics: Culture | Travel | Adventure | People | Animals
Prof. Yin doing what he loves most

Ecotourism in Sichuan

satcha smith - satcha [130]

Dr. Yin Kaipu of the Chengdu Institute of Biology has just returned from another trip to the Hengduan Mountains north of Chengdu and is bubbling with excitement. His dreams of an ecotourism hiking...

Destinations: China | Himalayas | Sichuan | Chengdu
Topics: Culture | People | Adventure | National Parks | Nature | Ecotourism
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