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Inside the National Museum court yard.  Visitors are not allowed to photograph the statuary housed inside the building.

Distant Relatives in Flesh and Stone

peter barnes - pdbarnes [375]

The National Museum seemed like a good place to get our cultural bearings. And it was, meaning it was the first in a long line of the unexpected in Cambodia.

Destinations: Phnom Penh | Cambodia
Topics: Culture | Economy | Travel | People | Photography | Art | War & Conflict | Ancient History
One of the Quay Hotel's many killer breakfasts.  This is a divine combination of banana pancakes, peanut praline sauce and dollop of butter lightly altered mysterious and French ways.

Courteous Chaos on the Streets

peter barnes - pdbarnes [375]

Cambodia is changing fast. The genteel disregard for traffic rules may not last long. For the moment it is an image of a nation getting things done with insufficient horsepower.

Destinations: Phnom Penh | Cambodia
Topics: Culture | Economy | Travel | People | Photography
Working the River in Phnom Penh

People and Places in Phnom Penh

Ian Miller - fusion07 [255]

Phnom Penh in many ways is a thriving and vibrant city, with its many Old Colonial French buildings and great night life. I have visited it many times and absolutely love the place.

Destinations: Phnom Penh | Cambodia
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Photography | Architecture
Buddhist Hearse  Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Buddhist Hearse

Michael Burr - mbphotog [159]

An ornate Buddhist hearse. Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Destinations: Phnom Penh
Topics: Photography

Viet Nam Then and Now: A Veteran Returns

Michael Burr - mbphotog [159]

Then: September 25, 1969. The long flight from California with refueling stops in Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines is now descending into Tan Son Nhut airport, Saigon, Republic of Viet Nam. I peer out...

Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam
Topics: Photography | 20th Century History | War & Conflict
Calm like The Heart!

Calm Before The Storm!

Totally Confussed - infoonthai [492]

Let me introduce myself, I am Info. I am not Thai but live with my wife here in Thailand. This blog is dedicated to all the people in the world that have calm thoughts and peace in their souls. Being...

Destinations: Burma | Korea, S | Mekong River | Laos | Thailand | Japan
Topics: National Parks | Adventure | Festivals | Traditions | Culture | Photography | Nature | Ancient History
Dani village in the Kurulu area, Baliem valley, Papua Barat, Indonesia

Baliem valey's mummies

Carlo Ottaviano Casana - cocasana [40]

Wim Tok Mabel's mummy held by one of his descendant. Apparently the mummy is 362 years old. Wim Tok Mabel was a "big man" and everybody in the valley wanted his advices. Even nowadays somebody is...

Destinations: Malaysia | Indonesia | Singapore | Hong Kong | Mekong River | Cambodia | Laos | Burma | Indochina | Maldives | Thailand
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Literature | 20th Century History | Art | Photography | People | Religion | War & Conflict | Ancient History | Animals | Traditions | Ecotourism | Culture | Food | Working Abroad | Architecture

Faces of Cambodia in Black and White

Doug Mendel - dmendel [697]

A story told with photos.

Destinations: Phnom Penh | Cambodia
Topics: People | Photography

Vietnam: Its Children's Snapshots

Danyael Halprin - dhalprin [350]

It's 2 a.m. on a Wednesday night and a 10-year-old Vietnamese girl marches herself into Allez-Boo, a popular tourist bar in central Saigon. She carts around a large leather briefcase, so large, in...

Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam
Topics: Photography | People

Off the Beaten Path - Minorities in Asia.

ThingsAsian - ta [3,710]

Black & white environmental portraits from Cambodia, Vietnam and China by New York photographer Michael Schenker.

Destinations: Phnom Penh | Hanoi | Cambodia | China | Vietnam | Hong Kong
Topics: Photography
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