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Stories about Architecture in Pakistan

The Shepherd Lodge

Cycle of the Season

Muhammad Kashif Ali - kashifthegipsy [152]

The Bakarwal community of Pakistan travel with the cycle of the season.

Destinations: Pakistan | NWFP
Topics: Culture | Economy | Architecture
Delhi Gate

Delhi Gate: The Royal Passage

Shiraz Hassan - shirazhassan [123]

Delhi Gate of walled city is one the thirteen historic gates of Lahore. The Delhi gate is named as Delhi gate because of its opening on the high road from Lahore to Delhi. Since mughal era this area...

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Culture | Photography | Festivals | Art | Architecture
Shandur Polo Festival

Shandur Polo Festival, Chitral, Northern Pakistan

Shams Uddin - shamstheguide [198]

Shandur is the world's highest polo ground. Here, free-style mountainous polo is played between the teams of Chitral and Gilgit.

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Culture | Food | Economy | People | Festivals | Music | Nature | Architecture | Ecotourism

Main Gurdhwara in Nankana shahab

Rabia Akram - mania3 [801]

A Place known as  Nankana Sahib in Pakistan is the birth place of the first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak Dev, Nankana Sahib is one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites in Pakistan.  Nankana Sahib ,...

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Culture | Travel | Photography | Nature | Architecture
Banyan Tree

Muhafiz Khana Building

Rabia Akram - mania3 [801]

Today I will share with you the images of an old British-era building in Peshawar.I have taken this images from the following websites, explore it by yourself.And while searching for some images of banyan trees, i came to know about it.

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Culture | Architecture

The Grand Mosque

Ameer Hamza - ameer_great [1,171]

Thatta, Pakistan, was once a glorious city. It had been the capital of Sindh in the past and at least four Muslim dynasties ruled over its fortunes. Since 1739, however, it ceased to be the province...

Destinations: Pakistan | Islamabad
Topics: Travel | Religion | Ancient History | Architecture

Making for the Hills

Kenneth Champeon - kchampeon [19,702]

I remember exclaiming with awe when I woke up in Simla (or Shimla, as it is often spelled and pronounced) and stepped out of my room to view the landscape, which I had been unable to see on the...

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Topics: 20th Century History | Architecture
Hyderabad, Pakistan

Heerabad's (Hyderabad) Dying Havelis

Ameer Hamza - ameer_great [1,171]

Pakistan inherited not only the structures of Gandhara, Mughul, Sikh or the British period, it also inherited a vast collection of havelis, mostly built by rich Hindus of Sind. Unfortunately, only some of...

Destinations: India | Pakistan | Hyderabad
Topics: Architecture

Vanishing temples of Thar and Nagar Parkar

Ameer Hamza - ameer_great [1,171]

Thar desert has a splendid collection of ancient temples, testimony to the presence of colourful Hindu and Jain kingdoms. We don't know the exact number of temples in the area but one document states...

Destinations: Pakistan
Topics: Religion | Architecture
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