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Fr. Marlowe A. Rosales, OFM and his CKC Jose Gomez Orchestra (Photo CKC PR, Calbayog City, Samar)

A Trip To Samar

Junfil Olarte - freelancejune [2,446]

A soft breezy sunrise rouses me as my ship nears the coast and moors at the docks of Maguino-o, off the city of Calbayog Western Samar in the Central Philippines. Sheer weather of the early morning...

Destinations: Philippines
Topics: Culture | Travel | Performing Arts | Music | 20th Century History | Art | Ancient History
Dancing with Naxi ladies in Yunnan province.

Dancing in Shangri-La

MaryLou Driedger - marylou [4,292]

Many different cultural groups live in Shangri-La, site of James Hilton's novel Shangri-La. One evening they held a dance altogether in the village square.

Destinations: Kunming | Yunnan | China
Topics: Adventure | Festivals | Music | 20th Century History | Art | Traditions | Culture | People | Fashion | Performing Arts

SSMK on Radio Nepal

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

A teen radio show breaks taboos in Nepal...

Destinations: Nepal | Kathmandu
Topics: Music
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