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My life In Tokyo

Stephen Bueckert - stephen17 [30]

Just a couple pics from my hood.

Destinations: Thailand | Japan
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The huge monument of Tengu outside Kurama Station

Possessed by the Ancient Spirit of Kyoto

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

Spend an alternative day dressed in Kimono, encounter Tengu in Mount Kurama and seek revenge or pray for love at Kibune Shrine. When the day comes to the end, ask for fortune from the fox at Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Destinations: Japan
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Me at Ishida Mansen Koujo, Kyoto learning yuzen dye painting on silk

Yuzen Dyeing at Ishida Mansen Koujo, Kyoto

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

Have you ever had a dream of designing your own kimono? This winter, I realized this dream and executed a project of designing my own obi (Japanese belt on kimono) under the guidance of Mr. Mansuke Ishida.

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Festivals | Fashion | 20th Century History | Art | Traditions | Ancient History
Court Dance, inside Spring Room of Tales of Genji Museum

Experience a Thousand Year of History at Uji

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

Reserve a whole day for a relaxed strode through the historical sites of Uji, the countryside of Kyoto, Japan. Immense yourself in the romance and drama of the Tales of Genji and be transported back to the aristocratic life of the Heian period.

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Travel | Literature | Women & Travel | Art | Traditions | Culture | Food | People | Religion | Performing Arts | Fashion | Ancient History | Architecture
Torokko Train at Sagano Arashiyama area

River Gorge and good food at Sagano Arashiyama in Kyoto

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

Spend a whole day, unhurried, experience the country charm of Sagano Arashiyama. Take in the sights, enjoy good temple food and watch yuzen masters at work.

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Literature | Women & Travel | Art | Traditions | Culture | Food | People | Religion | Performing Arts | Fashion | Nature | Shopping | Ancient History
After the bombing of Hiroshima a father buried his son with his tricycle.

A Quiet Museum

MaryLou Driedger - marylou [4,292]

The Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima is an almost eerily quiet place.

Destinations: Hiroshima | Japan
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Religion | 20th Century History | Art | War & Conflict
Tropical Fruit Selection, Kampot, Cambodia

Cambodia Coast

Asia Images John Lander - johnlander [925]

Cambodia's Coast - from Kep to Sihanoukville

Destinations: Cambodia | Japan
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Fashion | Performing Arts | Art
Jessica Renslow

Jessica Renslow- Linguistic Wizard of Studiopolis Inc.

Will Raus - wraus [1,715]

In the past several years, Anime has turned into a massive television industry, rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment. All of this is due to the work of companies such as ADV...

Destinations: Japan
Topics: People | Working Abroad | Art
The symbol of the Moerenuma Park is the glass pyramid,  nicknamed Hidamari, designed by Isamu Noguchi a Japanese-Amerian artist.

Sapporo's Art Parks

Asia Images John Lander - johnlander [925]

Sapporo is Japan's 4th largest city and one of the newest as development only began in the 1800s. Up until then Hokkaido was considered a frozen wasteland. Thanks to its modern development, it is a...

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Travel | Art | Nature | Architecture
Paoay Church

Paoay Church

Nina C.B. - shygirlnina [17]

Visit to the Paoay Church in Ilocos

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