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The Last Frontier of Javanese Rhinos

Grace Emilia - emilia [184]

When Krakatau volcano in Sunda Strait nearby the Java island erupted in 1883, its roars said to be heard from Rangoon in Burma to Perth in Australia, whilst its pumice was towering until 26 km...

Destinations: Java | Indonesia
Grand finale: bride and groom at the final and most formal ceremony.

Javanese Wedding

Philip Game - pgame [2,545]

The Big Durian: Southeast Asia's favorite fruit provides an apt metaphor for a city which richly rewards those who fight their way past a formidable exterior to reach the riches within. Christine...

Destinations: Java | Indonesia
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Sundanese Traditional Bathing Ceremony

Jety Khiat - jkhiat [75]

I just arrived in this beautiful city for few days to visit my relative families here after more than twenty years not seeing each other. When one of my relatives asked me to accompany her to attend...

Destinations: Java | Indonesia
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Travindo Adventure Indonesia

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