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Stories about Culture in Jakarta

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Indonesia

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,681]

Chinese medicine stores retain their lure in Indonesia...

Destinations: Indonesia | Jakarta
Topics: Culture | Economy | 20th Century History
Dharma Jaya Temple, Jakarta, Indonesia.

After Three Decades of Silence

Grace Emilia - gemilia [634]

People in Hong Kong spoke Cantonese to me when I roamed around its alleys in Kowloon, while those in Singapore expected me to talk Hokkien or Mandarin when I was in that city-state. As a matter of...

Destinations: Indonesia | Jakarta
Topics: Culture | Festivals
Jakarta History Museum, the former town hall on Taman Fatahillah in the old Kota district of Jakarta.

The Big Durian

Philip Game - pgame [2,545]

Clouds hang over Jakarta like a steam bath. Geometric rice paddies and salt pans sink slowly into the sea. Final approaches... touchdown. Welcome to Sukarno-Hatta International Airport. Anything to...

Destinations: Indonesia | Jakarta
Topics: Culture | Travel
Wedding photo taken in photographic studio, Semarang, Indonesia (That's Jennifer on the right).

An Indonesian Affair

Jennifer Lee - jlee [108]

Step off the plane at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia, and you can be forgiven if you thought something was on - there are people everywhere. But no, this is just another day in Jakarta. Boasting a...

Destinations: Indonesia | Jakarta
Topics: Culture | Travel | People
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