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'Ajanta: Regional Feasts of India' Recipes and Photos

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

This collection of recipes is a six-course feast from the Indian province of Bengal. Recipes include Shrimp Fritters, Catfish in Mustard Sauce, Eggplant with Tomatoes and Mustard Seeds, Rice Pilaf...

Destinations: India | West Bengal
Topics: Food

Tagore's Total Vision - II

Kenneth Champeon - kchampeon [19,701]

Tagore was poet, playwright, novelist, short-story writer, songster, translator, musician, painter, actor, director, schoolteacher, headmaster...husband, father, landlord, occasional activist.

Destinations: India | West Bengal
Topics: Literature

Tchang in Choka

Olongo Raghunath - africanmonkolongo [118]

The days of traveling like in the 17th and the 18th century are over and the adventure of finding something that is new to you is greatly reduced because of the media and the fact that world has...

Destinations: India | West Bengal
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