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When I visited Shirdi

Dilip Kumar Patairya - dilipkum06 [58]

Any visit to Shirdi makes you feel something ordinary. I always felt the compassion and divinity of Sai there.

Destinations: India | Maharashtra
Topics: Food | Religion
Cycle of Life    A cyclist peddling away in the backdrop of the setting sun creating a mesmerizing experience.

From Bore-day to Bordi: Walking on a Tranquil Paradise!

Sabyasachi Bardoloi - sabyasachi [178]

Bordi (bore-day), a weekend getaway from Mumbai...

Destinations: India | Maharashtra
Topics: Beaches & Resorts

Ajanta Cave murals -- unmatched expressions of Middle Age art

Nabanita Dutt - ndutt [3,787]

The Taj Mahal has spoilt it somewhat for other heritage sites in India. The marble wonder has created such an aura around the life and times of the Moghul period that, more often than not, tourists...

Destinations: India | Maharashtra
Topics: Art
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