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Stories about Culture in Hoi An

Dining with a Conscience in Southeast Asia

Order of the Day

Natnapha Thanatharakit - the_orient [430]

In Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam, try these restaurants which are dishing up opportunities for the local community with their socially responsible policies and vocational training programs, as well as good food...

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Treasures from the Hoi An Hoard, Vietnam, Late 15th/Early 16th Century.

Hoi An Hoard Images

Kim Fay - kfay [6,604]

Back to Hoi An Hoard, Part One

Destinations: Hoi An | Vietnam
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Hoi An Footbridge

Steven Rudy - strudy [306]

Bridges can be fascinating places. Because most of the people of Vietnam still travel by foot or by bicycle, small bridges in the smaller towns are an essential part of a busy network of passage. The...

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Maintaining life on the river

Hoi An Interlude

Kim Fay - kfay [6,604]

Day One Wind rushes through the open windows of our taxi. It smells of freshly turned earth and the not too distant South China Sea. It rattles the high pine needles and plays brittle melodies in the...

Destinations: Hoi An | Vietnam
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Newly painted entrance to one of the family association buildings in Hoi An

A New Guide to an Old Treasure: Ancient Town of Hoi An

Steven K. Bailey - sbailey [7,455]

The Traditional Village in Vietnam will provide you with an excellent overview of village life in Vietnam. Once you've read this book, visited some rural villages, and acquired a sense of their...

Destinations: Hoi An | Vietnam
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The Thu Bon River at Hoi An.

Driving Highway One: Hoi An

Lisa Spivey - lspivey [2,915]

Return to Driving Highway One by Lisa Spivey

Destinations: Hoi An | Vietnam
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