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We are a family of constant movers.Spend five years in Oman, visited Australia, Singapore, Cyprus, USA, Canada, Europe, India ( because we are basically India stayers). Once in a place I like to explore the city, meet with people and generally poke my nose around.

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midlevel escalator ride

Vertical Walkway

Indra Chopra - transit_passenger [145]

Walking in Hong Kong is fun, provided one enjoys the places around

Destinations: Hong Kong
Topics: Travel
The Mid-Level Escalator Ride

Vertical Walkway

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The Mid Level Escalator or the vertical walkway is a visitor's delight and should be experienced on visit to Hong Kong

Destinations: Hong Kong
Topics: Travel
Macau (Ruins of St. Pauls Church in the bakground)

Nature Walk

Indra Chopra - transit_passenger [145]

Hong Kong is a visitors delight as here one can shop, dine, wine, hike, admire and just loose oneself in nature. The skyline or rather concrete pencils remind you of the maximum use of space...

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