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Vancouver , Canada

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Walking in the rainforest is bliss.  I have travelled to botanical gardens and national parks in Malaysian Borneo, Java and Bali of Indonesia, Kyoto and Tokyo of Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.  I hope to share with you detailed experiences of my encounter with nature about each of the places that I have been to.


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mucuna botanical garden

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My little friend at Kraton Mangkunegara

Across Java with Confidence

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

I felt like a little parrot traveling across Java.

Destinations: Indonesia
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Art | Traditions | Ecotourism | Culture | People | Beaches & Resorts | Performing Arts | Fashion | Shopping | Nature | Architecture
Me sitting on Bauhinia sp. in Kebun Raya Bogor

Kebun Raya Bogor: A Treasure in the World of Plants

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

I recently visited the Bogor Botanic Garden again, spending 5 days researching the climbing plants collection and get to know their involvement in plant conservation.

Destinations: Indonesia
Topics: Culture | Travel | Adventure | Agriculture | 20th Century History | Art | Nature | Architecture | Ecotourism
Mr. Widayanto's bedroom

Rumah Tanah Baru: Wisata Keramik in Depok, Java of Indonesia

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

If you are on a fast day trip tour between Jakarta and Bandung, don't forget to check out the beautiful ceramic pieces at the Residence of famous Indonesian ceramic artist F. Widayanto in Depok. Just...

Destinations: Indonesia
Topics: Culture | Food | Travel | People | 20th Century History | Art | Shopping | Nature | Traditions | For Kids | Architecture
South Sulawesi House in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah and Madame Ten Percent

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

A foreigner helplessly lost in an Indonesian cultural theme park...

Destinations: Indonesia
Topics: People | Traditions
Dried Confections from Kyogashitsukasa Kotobukidou in Ningyocho, Tokyo

Winter Hospitality in Japan Part 1: In Search of Old Edo

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

Spend the morning visiting museums or temples and shrines, enjoy a tofu set lunch and sweet afternoon tea, shop for traditional gifts and spend the evening in the mountain for elaborate dinner.

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Culture | Food | Travel | People | Literature | Festivals | Fashion | 20th Century History | Shopping | Traditions | Ancient History

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