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A longtime Things Asian contributor, Josambro’s work has appeared all over the world in a strange and eclectic variety of publications. Available on Amazon, Josambro’s first book for Things Asian Press Vignettes of Taiwan offers tales of betel nut beauties and how to avoid jail time by impersonating a Mormon.

Joshua is also co-author of four Lonely Planet: Taiwan, seventh edition; Belize, third edition; Singapore (eighth edition and Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & the Greater Mekong, second edition.  You can follow him online at his blog, Snarky Tofu  http://josambro.blogspot.com/.

Links of interest:

Joshua Samuel Brown's Online Portfolio

Stinky Tofu: The Blog of the Book

Vignettes of Taiwan

Joshua Samuel Brown's Recent Contributions

Taken somewhere in the middle of Pondicherry around midnight. 2 sec exposure, f/5.6

Night and Long Exposures in Pondicherry

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

These shots were taken in Pondicherry in September, 2009, between dusk and midnight.

Destinations: India | Tamil Nadu
Topics: Culture | Travel | Adventure | Beaches & Resorts | Animals | Nature | Traditions | Architecture
Over Taipei 101

The Dragon is Eating the Sun

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

"We used to think an eclipse meant the sun was being eaten by a dragon, you know." He told me with great solemnity as we both shielded our eyes. "Nowadays, we know better...

Destinations: Taiwan
Topics: Photography | People
"a classic triangle hold with his legs"

Grace versus Brute Force: MMA in Taiwan

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

Grace versus brute force. Strikers fighting grapplers. Pit bulls against alligators.

Destinations: Taiwan
Topics: Martial Arts | Photography | Performing Arts | Sports

Leaving Chinatown

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

The third in my Chinatown trilogy, "Leaving Chinatown" is a work of fiction. Shout out to all my Singaporean friends who helped me with the Singlish, and special thanks to www.talkingcock.com.

Destinations: Singapore
Topics: Culture | Literature
Where there's dragons, there's Chinatowns...

Gray Noodle Gate (Incheon Chinatown)

Joshua Samuel Brown - jbrown [10,407]

The Second in a trilogy of stories about Chinatown, Gray Noodle Gate is about Seoul's somewhat underwhelming Chinatown experience.

Destinations: Seoul | Korea, S
Topics: Culture | Travel | Traditions

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