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Marker at Balay Negrense Museum located at Cinco de Noviembre St., Silay City.

The Old House in Silay

Junfil Olarte - freelancejune [2,446]

This heritage structure in Silay City, Philippines has been in existence since 1897, notable for being the first museum to be established in the province.

Destinations: Philippines
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Adventure | 20th Century History | Architecture | Ecotourism
Embarkation Site Monument, Sta. Cruz, Dapitan, Philippines

Revisiting Dapitan: A Hero's Retreat

Junfil Olarte - freelancejune [2,446]

Dapitan became famous after the Filipino hero Jose Rizal arrived on its shores more than one hundred years ago. Jose Rizal’s colorful exile in this place from 1892 to 1896 has had a very significant...

Destinations: Philippines
Topics: Travel | National Parks | Beaches & Resorts
Sunset at Manila Bay

A Totally Different Light Over Manila

Junfil Olarte - freelancejune [2,446]

The sunset over Manila Bay is exceptional and without equal in any part of the world. Watching it is the city’s most avidly observed ritual. Such sunset is justly famous that only Nile’s sundown at Luxor could possibly match up.

Destinations: Manila | Philippines
Topics: Travel | Nature
Aerial View of Corregidor Island (Photo, Wikipedia)

Corregidor Island: A Legacy of War

Junfil Olarte - freelancejune [2,446]

Corregidor Island obviously is well-known for its valiant task in the Second World War (a thing that should not be). Such war was despicable. It was one of the most hated events ever recorded in the...

Destinations: Corregidor | Philippines
Topics: Travel | National Parks | 20th Century History | War & Conflict
The Tropical Paradise of Alona Beach in Tawala, Panglao-Bohol Island

Wanderlust In Bohol Paradise

Junfil Olarte - freelancejune [2,446]

Over the years, a lot of friends have asked me what makes me to travel in a seemingly endless fashion, why do I spend too much for it, and how much do I earn writing for it. That is hard to define. I...

Destinations: Philippines
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Beaches & Resorts | Ancient History

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