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Frank Lev is a 47 year old American currently living in Japan for 1 year. He has a background in music education. After teaching music for 4 years he switched to teaching English to adult immigrants. He has been doing this for the past 8 years. He has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia , and South America. He also is a jazz saxophonist, meditator, health food nut, and body surfer. He's still single but hasn't given up hope. An Interview with Frank Lev by Celeste Heiter.

Frank Lev's Recent Contributions

A Day to Forget

Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

I went to Hiroshima. I had wanted to go ever since I arrived in Japan. I don't know why I wanted to go there, what I expected to see or feel, but I felt compelled to go. The city lives in the shadow...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: National Parks | 20th Century History | War & Conflict

Seijin Hi: Coming of Age Day in Japan

Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

Yesterday (January 14) was a national holiday in Japan. It was Coming of Age Day. On this day, all 20-year-olds celebrate the fact that they are officially a part of the adult community. It is...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Culture | Festivals | Traditions


Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

When he heard the incredible music that night in Istanbul, it stopped him cold. What was that sound? It was wild. Uncontrolled. Beautiful. Like John Coltrane. He closed his eyes and let the sound...

Topics: Adventure | Music


Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

When a person first arrives in Japan there are many things of course that seem strange and different. Aside from the language difference, I think the most striking difference is the attitude of...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Culture | Working Abroad

Shout Good News

Frank Lev - flev [2,460]

Every Sunday night there is a jam session near the heart of downtown Kyoto at a place called "Le Club Jazz." There, for the relatively modest price of 2000 yen (about $20) you can get 2 drinks, a...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: People | Working Abroad | Music

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