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Kuala Selangor Leaf Monkeys

Kuala Selangor Fireflies

fareeda alhady - aginghippie [80]

Travelogue with loads of pix. Enjoy!

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A waterfall across the path through Tiger Leaping Gorge

Last Days of the Tiger Leaping Gorge?

Adam Bray - kanzis_slave [1,557]

Deep in Yunnan Province, at the foot of the Himalayas, the Yangtze River (here known as the Yellow Sands), carves the deepest gorge in the world between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (5,596m) and Haba...

Destinations: Yunnan | Himalayas | Tibet | Lijiang River | China | Yangtze River
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Prof. Yin doing what he loves most

Ecotourism in Sichuan

satcha smith - satcha [130]

Dr. Yin Kaipu of the Chengdu Institute of Biology has just returned from another trip to the Hengduan Mountains north of Chengdu and is bubbling with excitement. His dreams of an ecotourism hiking...

Destinations: China | Himalayas | Sichuan | Chengdu
Topics: Culture | People | Adventure | National Parks | Nature | Ecotourism
Travellers and Magicians

Film Review: Travellers and Magicians

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

Travellers and Magicians is an excellent portrait of Bhutanese life and culture, with its lush and lofty landscape as a backdrop, overlaid with the mystical music of composer David Hykes. The story is...

Destinations: Bhutan
Topics: Culture | People | Performing Arts

A Call for Chopsticks

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

As an ongoing motif in my new ThingsAsian Dinner & a Movie weblog format, I want to include chopsticks in all my photos. However, since I live in a small city in California with no Asian markets or...

Destinations: Thimphu | Bhutan
Topics: Culture | Food

Lobeysa Village

Kim Indresano - kindresano [1,077]

Balancing on raised grassy compact walkways, we make our way through the rice fields of Lobeysa. This village is located in a serene valley after crossing Dochu La Pass at 10,000 feet. Here we meet...

Destinations: Thimphu | Bhutan
Topics: Culture | Agriculture | Traditions


Kim Indresano - kindresano [1,077]

There is one main winding east-west road in Bhutan. It's in good shape but quite narrow and slow-going and we frequently halt for oncoming cars, trucks and livestock. From Paro to Thimphu, two of the...

Destinations: Thimphu | Bhutan
Topics: Culture | People | Nature

Sacred Sites of Bhutan

Kim Indresano - kindresano [1,077]

We have never seen anything like the enormous fortress monasteries, called Dzongs. Their size is truly impressive and they reign as the center of cultural and religious life, and once served as...

Destinations: Thimphu | Bhutan
Topics: Culture | Religion | Traditions

Jambe Lhakhang Drup

Kim Indresano - kindresano [1,077]

We arrive in the beautiful Bumthang valley in Central Bhutan in time for the Jambe Lhakhang Drup. It's a four-day annual festival, or Tshechu, celebrating the life and work of Guru Rinpoche who is...

Destinations: Thimphu | Bhutan
Topics: Culture | Traditions | Architecture

Kuru Match

Kim Indresano - kindresano [1,077]

Khuru is a darts match and it's serious competitive sport in Bhutan. We happen upon a game in the town of Paro on our first evening, by which time the players are sufficiently in high spirits, with a...

Destinations: Thimphu | Bhutan
Topics: Culture | Sports | Traditions
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