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Stories about Architecture in Indonesia

My little friend at Kraton Mangkunegara

Across Java with Confidence

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

I felt like a little parrot traveling across Java.

Destinations: Indonesia
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Mr. Widayanto's bedroom

Rumah Tanah Baru: Wisata Keramik in Depok, Java of Indonesia

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

If you are on a fast day trip tour between Jakarta and Bandung, don't forget to check out the beautiful ceramic pieces at the Residence of famous Indonesian ceramic artist F. Widayanto in Depok. Just...

Destinations: Indonesia
Topics: Culture | Food | Travel | People | 20th Century History | Art | Shopping | Nature | Traditions | For Kids | Architecture
Me sitting on Bauhinia sp. in Kebun Raya Bogor

Kebun Raya Bogor: A Treasure in the World of Plants

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

I recently visited the Bogor Botanic Garden again, spending 5 days researching the climbing plants collection and get to know their involvement in plant conservation.

Destinations: Indonesia
Topics: Culture | Travel | Adventure | Agriculture | 20th Century History | Nature | Art | Ecotourism | Architecture
Ubud Pasar

Who am I (in Bali)?

maurizio costantino - jayacostant [60]

I'm in Bali, I'm the owner of "my" time, I look around and I enjoy life, people life, and my life...life!

Destinations: Bali
Topics: Culture | People | Religion | Women & Travel | Traditions | Shopping | Art | Architecture
Me at Borobudur early in the morning, my sweater keep me warm from the chill!

Across Central Java with Courage

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

To see the sunrise at Borobudur, Buddhist monument in Central Java was my dream. It was not as difficult to realize as I thought.

Destinations: Indonesia
Topics: Culture | Travel | Adventure | People | Religion | 20th Century History | Traditions | Art | Ancient History | Architecture

The people I met in Dalian, P.R. China

Reina Hatimiya Hamid - jreina10 [50]

I was on my holiday visiting my former colleague in Dalian, China, for 2 weeks.  Big city with very friendly locals.  I was offered a job in the same hotel - Holiday Inn Dalian, a 4-star...

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The Bali Memorial recognizes the 200 victims of the 2002 bombing.

Bali Bombings

MaryLou Driedger - marylou [4,292]

"I very empty in the bank since bombing", said a Bali cab driver as he tried to explain how the terrorist actions in 2002 and 2005 have impacted his business.

Destinations: Bali | Indonesia
Topics: Economy | Culture | Adventure | People | Religion | 20th Century History | War & Conflict | Art | Ecotourism | Architecture
"I would not want to waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum" Frances Willard - 1893

Vientiane on bended knees

Lee Alvin - oldyonfoldy [801]

A colorful journey on 20" wheels, across the land of a thousand smiles into the land where time moves slower. A rich experience of meeting people, and sampling the tapestry of cultures and history that Vientiane offers. Truly charmed!

Destinations: Malaysia | Indonesia | Indochina | Singapore | Vietnam | Cambodia | Laos | Thailand
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the terrace of the longhouse of the Dayak tribe

Living High in The Longhouse

Sandra Lilyana - missrain [984]

Can you imagine hundreds of extended family members live together under the same roof? That’s what I found on my recent trip to West Kalimantan, one of the five major islands in Indonesia. About...

Destinations: Indonesia
Topics: Architecture
Blenduk Church in the Old Town, Semarang, Indonesia

Semarang: Stories from the Past

Sandra Lilyana - missrain [984]

Semarang, the capital city of Central Java in Indonesia, is full of stories from the past. Either it is the historical narrative of Little Nederland or the old folktale of Chinatown, the stories make Semarang into an interesting place to explore.

Destinations: Indonesia
Topics: Food | Culture | Travel | Traditions | Architecture
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