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Stories about 20th Century History in Malaysia

The school in Bata Puteh

Home Stay in Malaysian Borneo

MaryLou Driedger - marylou [4,292]

We visited a school in a small Muslim village and spent the night with a local family.

Destinations: Malaysia | Borneo
Topics: Travel | Adventure | 20th Century History | Traditions | Ecotourism | Culture | Food | Economy | People | Religion | For Kids

Grand past but uncertain future for Malaysia's Carcosa

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

Malaysia's Carcosa Seri Negara, the 111-year old grande dame of colonial Malaya, is up for redevelopment...

Destinations: Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia
Topics: 20th Century History | Architecture
Praying for good health and prosperity.

Grandfathers of Malacca

Lee Alvin - oldyonfoldy [801]

A tribute to the chinese immigrant men of Malacca in a photo essay.

Destinations: Melaka
Topics: Culture | Food | Economy | People | Religion | 20th Century History
"I would not want to waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum" Frances Willard - 1893

Vientiane on bended knees

Lee Alvin - oldyonfoldy [801]

A colorful journey on 20" wheels, across the land of a thousand smiles into the land where time moves slower. A rich experience of meeting people, and sampling the tapestry of cultures and history that Vientiane offers. Truly charmed!

Destinations: Malaysia | Indonesia | Indochina | Singapore | Vietnam | Cambodia | Laos | Thailand
Topics: Travel | Adventure | 20th Century History | Ecotourism | Food | Architecture
The construction of homes remain unchanged. Reeds and Bamboo are used in the construction. The floor is mud caked into somewhat of a rigid structure, which serves as sleeping quarters

An Unexpected Visit to the Original People of Kerala

Yehuda Kovesh - cochinjew [251]

The Forest Dwelling Tribal People of Kerala are a distinct group of people, living in their world, as they have done for thousands of years. In the current rush to modernize unevenly in an India,...

Destinations: Malaysia | Burma | Singapore | Vietnam | India | Cambodia
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Literature | 20th Century History | Traditions | Art | Culture | Food | People | Nature | Ancient History | Architecture

Malaysia -The often overlooked piece of South East Asia

Ernie Yap - yape [701]

Malaysia   The often overlooked piece of South East Asia   Malaysia; when examined on the world map juts out from the Indochina mainland like an appendix, not unlike Italy from the Europe...

Destinations: Malaysia
Topics: Culture | Travel | 20th Century History
Glenn Close as Adrienne Pargiter in Paradise Road

Film Review: Paradise Road

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

Film Review: Paradise Road by Celeste Heiter   How silent is this place The brilliant sunshine filters through the trees The leaves are rustled by a gentle breeze A wild and open space By shrubs...

Destinations: Malaysia | Indonesia | Japan | Singapore
Topics: People | Literature | Performing Arts | 20th Century History | War & Conflict
Dani village in the Kurulu area, Baliem valley, Papua Barat, Indonesia

Baliem valey's mummies

Carlo Ottaviano Casana - cocasana [40]

Wim Tok Mabel's mummy held by one of his descendant. Apparently the mummy is 362 years old. Wim Tok Mabel was a "big man" and everybody in the valley wanted his advices. Even nowadays somebody is...

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The Clifford School at Kuala Lipis, Pahang, Malaysia.

Kuala Lipis, Hidden Treasure

Doreen Cheong - dcheong [1,276]

If it's a quaint, authentic Malay town with colonial influences you're seeking, then Kuala Lipis is the place to be. This little known treasure is situated in the state of Pahang, about three hours...

Destinations: Malaysia | Pahang
Topics: Travel | 20th Century History | Architecture

Pulau Bidong: Vietnamese Boat People in Malaysia

Ee Lin Wan - eelin [4,126]

* * * * * "We have heard stories of similarly desperate boat people escaping out of the communist Vietnam. Out in the sea, our main fears were the pirates - who will not hesitate to rob, rape, beat...

Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City | Malaysia | Terengganu | Vietnam
Topics: People | 20th Century History | War & Conflict
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